Blackjack ReDealed

Prepare yourself for an online baccarat revolution! ReDeal Blackjack is here to liven things up at the blackjack table, courtesy of Microgaming and Switch Studios. ReDeal Blackjack is a true game-changer due to a new gameplay mechanic that places decision-making authority in your hands. If you don’t like the cards you’ve been dealt, you have the option to redeal the last card dealt to you or even your entire hand; you can also redeal the dealer’s hand. This clever innovation turns blackjack on its head, adding additional depth, strategy, and opportunities to defeat the dealer at Spin Casino.

Gameplay fundamentals

ReDeal Blackjack is an innovative and enjoyable online blackjack variant. The colors are regal, the graphics are precise, the loading speed is quick, and the ReDeal gameplay mechanic may forever alter the way you approach blackjack. The objective of the game is to defeat the dealer, which can be accomplished by building a hand that is closer to 21 than the dealer’s. The player who exceeds 21 is bankrupt and loses the contest. To initiate play, you must place a wager on the table. The minimum wager is 10 coins and the maximum is 50 coins, which can be increased to 100 coins by splitting or doubling down. ReDeal Blackjack, playable on desktop and in our mobile casino, is a very low-volatility game with an element of strategy that makes for extremely gratifying gameplay. Experience the evolution of blackjack for yourself at Spin Casino.



Basic Blackjack ReDeal regulations

With two decks of cards, ReDeal Blackjack is played. Blackjack pays 3:2 and the dealer must hit on 17 or stand. The dealer deals one card to you, one card to themselves face up, one card to you face down, and one card to themselves face down. You then have the option to strike, stand, double down, or divide. You may only double down if neither of your first two cards is an Ace and their combined value is 9, 10, or 11. If you double down, your wager is doubled and you receive one final card from the dealer before standing. If you split, you regard each card as a separate hand, receive two new cards, and add a stake equal to your original wager to the table. Only one combination can be separated per game. Splitting Aces and drawing a 10 or vice versa does not constitute blackjack. You must finish your divided hands before the dealer makes a bet. After splitting, you cannot double down.

Special abilities


What does it matter if you have a poor hand or dislike the appearance of the dealer’s card on the table? This is where ReDeal comes into play. There are three alternatives. Dealer Hand redeals all of the dealer’s cards, Play Hand replaces your entire hand, and Last Card redeals your last card, even if you just busted. If you are dealt a natural (blackjack on the first two cards), if your hand totals 21, or if you double down or split, the redeal option is unavailable. The cost associated with the Dealer Hand option will be displayed on-screen.


Caution Prompt is a feature of ReDeal Blackjack that alerts you to potentially poor strategic decisions, such as standing on 10 or striking on 17 or above. Essentially, you will receive a prompt requesting you to confirm your decision. It’s a wonderful method to avoid catastrophes!


The companies Microgaming and Switch Studios

ReDeal Blackjack was created by Switch Studios exclusively for Microgaming. Independent software developer Switch Studios is responsible for premium table casino games such as Classic Blackjack, European Blackjack, and Roulette. All of their games employ the most recent HTML5 technology to provide a more immersive experience. Their mobile casino games are optimized for all types of screens, in both landscape and portrait orientations. As the software company that introduced the globe to online casino games in 1994, Microgaming needs no introduction. Since then, Microgaming has set the standard for quality, innovation, and entertainment, as evidenced by the finest slot machines at Spin Casino. Catch their newest releases as they are published at the Canadian online casino for new games: Spin Casino!

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